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Over $5,000,000 In Wholesale Assignement Fees By Students!

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Source Of The Deal

Chris Rood is the #1 Wholesaling coach in the country.

Hustle Wholesaling is a program that teaching Real Estate Wholesaling like no other.

With Chris' revolutionary system, you'll be able to:

  • Get started in real estate with the lowest barrier to entry of any investment model. No license, low capital. All you need is a little bit of marketing dollars and a whole lot of hustle and guidance.
  • Strive for excellence. Chris doesn't just teach marketing for real estate. He also teaches you a holistic life skill set, including how to connect with people and how to be successful in any pursuit you choose. All of this is designed to make you successful more quickly.
  • Get sellers chasing you with innovative online presences strategies. Chris is famous for saying "I don't want to chase the seller, I want the seller to chase me."
  • Tap into one of the highest success rates of any real estate coaching programs ever taught. Leverage Chris' expertise to grow your investment company today.
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